PROFFIMAT S.R. Ltd provides innovative surface treatment solutions through unique patented technologies and processes. These cost effective solutions impart improved characteristics to key components in the areas of wear resistance, abrasion, galling, friction, corrosion, seizing and extension of operational life.

    PROFFIMAT's solutions have proven themselves under the extreme operating conditions and complicated environments of various industries including: Tooling, Automotive, Medical, Aerospace and others.

    PROFFIMAT's business includes the service of coating metallic parts, developing unique coatings on a per application basis, manufacturing and supply of coated parts as per Customer requirements and various consulting and laboratory services in the the areas of corrosion and material science.

    PROFFIMAT's staff, with over 35 years of experience and expertise, developed the coatings available from GREENKOTE® PLC  and is a licensed supplier of GREENKOTE® coatings.

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