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PROFFIMAT's roots started more than 10 years ago and began with research in Metallurgy and Physical Chemistry.  Over the years patented new coatings and processes have been developed and applied for Water Transport, the Power    Industry and the Automotive Industry

PROFFIMAT has been an innovative leader in the development of unique corrosion protection coatings that have been developed and applied for the construction of Highways, Buildings and Bridges.  These coatings have surpassed internationally accepted standards.

PROFFIMAT's unique coating processes provide the major advantage of ensuring the successful coating of extremely small, intricate and complicated parts including nozzles and bearings. The relevant applications have been for the Railway Industry, Defense Industry and many others.



Dr. Abraham Sheinkman D.Sc., Physical Chemistry. Chief Scientist. Dr. Sheinkman was an academic professor at Chelabinsk State University, Russia, Chairman of the Solid State Physics Department and Chairman of the Depratment of Chemistry. He specializes in the physical and chemical status of solid states. Dr. Sheinkman has published over 130 articles, filed 34 patents and conducted many research projects. 

Mr. Itzhak Rosenthul, M.Sc., Physical Metallurgy CEO. Seven years he was an engineer, responsible for special technologies, in the Blades Technologies Ltd. He works also for the Power Station Equipment Renovation Company and
developed of a number of processes for the renovation and protection of power station equipment components.
Following university, Mr. Rosenthul held a number of engineering positions in companies in Russia and in Israel


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